ElectionsThe Nominating Committee is responsible for filling Board of Director, Delegate & Nominating Committee positions based on the following calendar:

2017 Election Results     2018 Positions

Secretary: Deanna H. Camilo


Treasurer: Ross Davis

    Vice President

Chief Delegate (serves 2018-19 HOD): Position to be Board appointed

    Middle GA LAN Director

Atlanta/North GA LAN Director: Kimberly S. Marryott Lee

    Coastal/South GA LAN Director

Delegates (serves 2018-19 HOD)

Patrick D. Graham
Carrie Cunningham
Jeffrey Ebert
Alternate: Dhara Shah

    Delegates (4 - serve 2019-20 HOD)

Nominating Committee: 

2018 Vice Chair - Carla Friend Huggins
Maria Anjanette Nunez
3rd postion to be Board appointed

    Nominating Committee (3)

Review brief job descriptions below or click on the position name to read the full position descriptions in the PTAG Policies & Procedures document


  • Agree to the Policy & Procedures of your elected positions and correlated appointments
  • Be a full member of the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia, not a Corresponding member
  • Eligible to hold an elected or appropriate position in the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia by virtue of my compliance with ethical, legal and moral standards of the profession of physical therapy
  • Not been reprimanded nor has my license been sanctioned within the last 3 years
  • Attest that I am licensed as a Physical Therapist/Physical Therapist Assistant in the state of Georgia and member of the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia
  • In good standing with the Georgia State Board of Physical Therapy
  • Agree to abide by the standards of practice and the code of ethics of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Physical Therapy Association of Georgia

2017 Nomination & Voting Timeline

December 16, 2016 Call for nominations opens.
January 24, 2017 Deadline for Candidate materials
January 31, 2017 Draft slate posted
February 7, 2017 Deadline for write-in nominations
February 21, 2017 Final slate posted
March 7, 2017 Online Voting opens at 9 am
March 14, 2017 Online Voting closes at 5 pm
March 16 - 20, 2017 Run-off voting (if necessary)
Saturday, March 25
imPacT Business Meeting
Election results announced.

2017 Position Descriptions

Secretary Job Summary:

  1. Responsible for keeping minutes of the proceedings of Business Meetings, Executive Committee Meetings and Board of Directors Meetings
  2. Reports to the membership at Fall and Spring meetings and to the Board of Directors on request
  3. Prepares a summary of proceedings of the Business Meetings for publication and submission to APTA within forty-five (45) days of the meeting
  4. Voting member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors


Treasurer Job Summary:

  1. Chairs the Finance Committee
  2. Advises the Board of Directors on financial matters and money management
  3. Drafts and presents the annual budget to the Board of Directors and membership
  4. Provides a written report on the financial status of the Chapter to the membership and Board of Directors on request
  5. Responsible for having an annual audit completed
  6. Sends fiscal reports to APTA in accord with APTA policy
  7. Works with the Executive Director on financial matters including expense approval
  8. Serves as a member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors


Chief Delegate (serves 2018-19 HOD) Job Summary:

  1. Organizes and guides PTAG Delegates to the House of Delegates (HOD) of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)
  2. Serves as a liaison between PTAG and the HOD
  3. Presents business on behalf of and represents PTAG in the HOD
  4. Serves as a voting member of PTAG Board of Directors


LAN Director Job Summary:

  1. Serves as a voting member of the PTAG BOD
  2. Maintains knowledge of current matters of interest to physical therapists and physical therapist assistants
  3. Acts as a liaison and resource person for the physical therapists and physical therapists assistants in their assigned Network
  4. Develops and maintains a method of contacting Network members in an efficient manner
  5. Provides periodic opportunities for professional contact, communication and development in the Network; meets within the Network as appropriate
  6. Contacts all new and transferred members into the Network


Delegates Job Summary:

  1. Represents PTAG membership during the annual APTA House of Delegates (HOD) meetings by participating in all activities related to the HOD
  2. Votes on issues and candidates in a manner that represents the views of the PTAG membership
  3. Assists Chief Delegate in soliciting and presenting association issues to the membership
  4. Prepares for participation in the HOD by completing relevant assignments and attending PTAG delegation meetings


Nominating Committee Job Summary:

  1. Review open positions to be filled and requirements for each open office
  2. Solicit members to apply for open positions, with the Executive Office, via email, social media, website and other methods
  3. Work with the PTAG office to ensure that all candidate materials are received in a timely manner and to verify draft and final slates before they are published.
  4. Verify that potential candidates meet any qualifications outlined in the PTAG Bylaws and Policies & Procedures documents
  5. Choose nominee gift while staying within the amount budgeted for this expense
  6. Present candidates and election results (provided by the PTAG Office) at the annual meeting

2017 Nominating Committee Members

  • Marguerita Goins – Chair
  • Carla Friend Huggins
  • Jodan D. Garcia
  • Niamh Tunney
  • Maria Anjanette Nunez
  • Open Position