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Read below for committee descriptions

Committee:  Acute Care Focused Interest Network (FIN)

What is the Acute Care FIN?
The Acute Care FIN is open to all members of PTAG who have an interest in acute care practice. The Acute Care FIN represents the interest of these individuals within PTAG.

Positions Available: 3 (Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)

Term for Position: 1 year.

What is the expected time commitment?
The ability to attend participate in PTAG conference calls/Board of Directors meetings, maintain/grow the current acute care list serve, participate in the planning of the acute care SIG annual meeting at the PTAG conference, and assist with the educational programming at the annual PTAG conference. You will likely participate in quarterly calls with the acute care SIG leadership to strategize about plans for growth and development of membership base as well as to devise was to disseminate educational/clinical opportunities to current SIG members via the email list serve.

Qualifications to serve:
Passion for the acute care setting/patients served, planning/organizational skills, efficiency with social media, budgeting skills, efficiency with Excel.


Committee: Neurology Focused Interest Network (FIN)

What is the Neurology Focused Interest Network?
The Neuro FIN is open to all members of PTAG who have an interest in neurology. The Neurology FIN represents the interest of these individuals within PTAG, and also holds an annual Neuro Symposium.

Positions Available: 1- Vice Chair.

Term for Position: 2 years (2019-2021).

What is the expected time commitment?
In-Person: Representation at ImPacT meeting, filling in for the Chair at BoD meetings quarterly, attending the annual Neuro Symposium and attending an annual networking event.

Virtual meetings: Attending or running a virtual meeting every 2 months for 30-60 minutes.

Email Communications: Varied—more frequent during symposium planning.

Qualifications to serve:
Working in the area of neurologic PT is valued. All PTs, PTAs, and students are welcome to apply.


Committee: PTA Focused Interest Network (FIN)

What is the PTA FIN?
The PTA Focused Interest Network is made up of all PTAs and PTA students in the state of Georgia. The goal of the PTA FIN is to represent and promote the unique interests of the PTA.

Positions Available: 3 (President, Secretary, and Treasurer)

Term for Position: 2-3 years, depending on position.

What is the expected time commitment?
The PTA FIN generally meets by conference call around major events for both PTAG and APTA (CSM, House of Delegates and NEXT, and PTAG ImPacT).

Qualifications to serve: PTAG member.


Committee: Awards Committee

What is the Awards Committee?
The Awards Committee is responsible for notifying members of the PTAG awards given out annually at the ImPacT meeting. The Awards committee reviews applications for awards and is responsible for distribution and announcement at the meeting.

Positions Available: 3 Committee members and one to serve as Chair.

Term for Position: 6 months (October 2019-March 2020)

What is the expected time commitment?
10 minutes per week through email discussing awards and providing nominations

Reviewing a nominee’s CV and reference letters: 20-30 minutes each; 4-5 hours total.

One conference call discussing the nominees for each award and selecting the award winner: 2 hours

Presentation preparation: 2 hours

Total expected time commitment: 10-12 hours total

Qualifications to serve:
Ideally, the committee would contain 1 PT, 1 PTA, and 1 business owner/academician if possible.


Committee: Legislative Committee

What is the PTAG Legislative Committee?
Committee Description: The Legislative Committee works in coordination with the PTAG Board of Directors and PTAG’s Lobbyist to review and monitor all state legislation affecting the Physical Therapy industry. The Committee works in accordance with PTAG’s lobbyist to develop and guide the legislative strategy that carries out PTAG’s legislative agenda. The Committee reports to the Board regularly and upon special request by the Board.

Positions Available: 4 (Committee members)

Term for Position: 1 year (through end of legislative session)

What is the expected time commitment?
Time commitment from January-April (legislative session) requires potential legislative visits or being present onsite at the Georgia Capitol based on the session. Also, committee members are expected to be able to respond to urgent emails/phone calls within 24 hours during the legislative session if needed. During the legislative offseason, you may participate in conference calls once every 2 months to discuss legislative strategies.

Qualifications to serve:
PT, PTA or student member in good standing. The committee is open to all who are interested, and would prefer individuals with an interest or experience/expertise in payment/reimbursement issues, legislative/policy issues, or state/national association issues.


Committee: Research Workgroup

What is the Research Workgroup?
The Research Workgroup reviews poster presentations and grant applications that are presented annually at the PTAG ImPacT conference in the Spring.

Positions Available: 3 positions as committee members.

Term for Position: 1 year (2019-March 2020).

What is the expected time commitment?
Approximately 1-2 hours per week over 3-5 months (from October 2019 to March 2020. Committee members receive and review applications for poster presentations for imPacT, grant applications, and student research award applications.  Applications are typically 2-3 pages long and we receive 30-35 applications annually (categories combined). All committee member contributions are completed virtually (no in-person meetings are required). 

Qualifications to serve:
The committee members should feel comfortable reading and evaluating research abstracts.  Rubric and instructions will be provided for the purposes of the conference.  Professors, licensed clinicians, and students are welcome to participate.


Committee: PTAG Political Action Committee (PAC)

What is the PTAG Political Action Committee (PAC)?
The Georgia Physical Therapy Political Action Committee (GA PT PAC) is the political fundraising sector for Georgia's physical therapy profession. Your participation through contributions, volunteering or participating in a PAC function make the difference for our profession and our patients.

Positions Available:
Multiple. The PTAG PAC is looking for a student liaison from each PT and PTA program in the state. We would like this member to be able to communicate to their peers upcoming legislation and recent changes in laws. We are hoping to ease the transition for students leaving the clinic to entering the work world with greater information on the laws that are governing our practice.

Term for Position: 1 year.

What is the expected time commitment?
Present at big events (PT Day at the Capitol in February, ImPacT in March/April, Fall event in September. Also, regular communication (weekly) regarding upcoming events/plans are needed to facilitate events.

Qualifications to serve:
2nd or 3rd year students preferred, but anyone is welcome to apply. Time management skills are a necessity.


Committee: Student Focused Interest Network (SFIN)

What is the Student FIN?
The Student FIN represents the interests of all PT and PTA students for PTAG. The SFIN is made up of a six-member Board of Directors.

Positions Available: 5 Total
The Student Network is seeking 3 volunteers to assist with the formation of a PTAG Student Conclave in the Fall of 2019.
The Student Network is seeking 2 volunteers to assist with the formation of a statewide student program directed at philanthropy and networking.

Term for Position:
PTAG Student Conclave: 6 months

PTAG Philanthropy Efforts: 9 months

What is the expected time commitment?
Both positions would require email communication and virtual meetings (potentially monthly).

Qualifications to serve:
PT or PTA student in good academic standing.


Committee: Ethics and Jurisprudence
More details coming soon


Committee: PT Day at the Capitol
More details coming soon