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Committee: Acute Care Focused Interest Network (Acute Care FIN)

Current Needs: 3-4 positions open, including Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and a creative strategist

Position Description: The Acute Care FIN represents member interests related to acute care in the state of Georgia. The time commitment is flexible with a waxing and waning schedule throughout the year. The Acute Care FIN is present for the PTAG ImPacT conference for the annual FIN meeting. Members would need to be available to touch base either monthly or every other month, at the discretion of the chair.

Requirements: Be a PTAG member in good standing and be a PT or PTA clinician or student with experience or interest in acute care physical therapy.

Committee: Minority Mentoring Focused Interest Network (Minority Mentoring FIN)

Current Needs: From a volunteer standpoint, we need as many individuals interested in being a mentor as possible. From a FIN standpoint, all are welcome!

Position Description: A Minority Mentoring FIN Mentor is paired with a current student in an effort to support and mentor that student, while also forwarding APTA and PTAG’s mission related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Mentors may be involved in mentor-mentee relationships, community outreach, and peer mentoring. The time commitment is about 2 hours per month for three years, but could be more depending on the individual student-mentor relationship.

Requirements: Individuals should have a passion for seeing students succeed and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. PT, PTA and students are welcome. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please reply via the PTAG call for volunteers. If you are interested in joining the FIN, please email Katherine Sylvester at directly.

Committee: Neuro Focused Interest Network (Neuro FIN)

Current Needs: All Volunteers welcome!

Position Description: The Neuro FIN is always welcoming individuals interested in volunteering and getting involved with the group. If you are looking for avenues to increase engagement with your membership the Neuro FIN is the place for you! Contact the Neuro FIN Chair: April Hodge:

Requirements: PTAG PT, PTA, or student member in good standing.

Committee: Private Practice Focused Interest Network (Private Practice FIN)

Current Needs: All volunteers welcome!

Position Description: The Private Practice FIN supports the interests of Private Practitioners in the state of Georgia. Interests include payment, reimbursement, advocacy, and other hot topics. Volunteers can apply here!

Requirements: PTAG member in good standing. PT, PTA and students are welcome to volunteer.

Committee: PTA Focused Interest Network (PTA FIN)

Current Needs: 1 Individual, to serve in role of Treasurer

Position Description: The PTA FIN represents the interest of PTAs and SPTAs in the state of Georgia. Individuals appointed should expect quarterly conference calls or more if they want to work alongside other FINs to do an event and prepare for ImPacT meetings. Also, after the APTA House of Delegates there is normally a meeting with the PTA Caucus Representative to get feedback and make suggestions on what to work on for next year.

Requirements: Must be a PTAG member in good standing.

Committee: Student Focused Interest Network (Student FIN)

Current Needs: All volunteers welcome!

Position Description: Specific opportunities for students will come out later in the year as the Student FIN solidifies plans for the Student Conclave and other events. However, if you are a student interested in getting involved, please contact Student FIN President, Carly Esposito, at .

Requirements: Student PT or PTA member in good standing.

Committee: Awards Committee

Current Needs: 2-3 members

Position Description: The Awards committee makes decisions related to the Annual PTAG awards, which are given at the Annual ImPacT Meeting. Members will conduct a call for nominations for awards to the membership, and will work with the Awards Committee chair to deliberate on recipients of awards. Tie commitment is generally 2-3 meetings with around 10 hours of work, depending on the number of submissions for awards received. Awards Committee members should plan to be at ImPacT, but it is not a requirement for all to be there.

Requirements: PT, PTA, or student member in good standing. Knowledge of individuals in the profession is helpful.

Committee: Bylaws Committee

Current Needs: 1 Chair and 2 members

Position Description: The Bylaws Committee acts as an advisor on PTAG Bylaws and BoD Policies and Procedures when assigned by the Board of Directors. They bring recommended bylaw changes to the Board, and maintains records of Bylaws Committee Activities. Term is one year in length. Time commitment included attendance at committee and Board meetings as needed, and time to investigate and prepare reports related to the Bylaws.

Requirements: Must be a PT or PTA member in good standing. Knowledge and experience in writing and reading bylaws is helpful, but not a requirement.

Committee: Continuing Competency Review Committee

Current Needs: 1-2 members

Position Description: This group is responsible for reviewing applications for PTAG approval of Georgia Ethics & Jurisprudence continuing competency programs. The Committee is also responsible for conducting periodic reviews of all forms, resources, and procedures and submitting recommendations for updates and revisions accordingly. Time commitment varies, depending upon the number of applications received, which typically increases in the last 8 months of each Georgia licensure biennium. Average time commitment, including reviewing applications, consulting with PTAG office and other team members, and participating in related calls or other activities ranges from 0 hours-4 hours/week.

Requirements: Applicants must be a Georgia-licensed PT or PTA for at least 5 years and have an unencumbered active Georgia license, and also be a PTAG member in good standing.

Committee: Finance Committee

Current Needs: 2 members

Position Description: The Finance Committee advises the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the Chapter’s financial needs. They advise in ways to seek growth and stability based on a review of income, expenditures, and investments. They are responsible for investment decisions of the Chapter, and establish policy for reimbursement of travel expenses. They also assist in developing the annual budget, as well as review and approval of expense reports and project annual income. Time commitment is one year.

Requirements: Must be a PTAG PT or PTA member in good standing. Background and/or expertise in finances is helpful.

Committee: Georgia Physical Therapy Political Action Committee (GPT-PAC)

Current Needs: 2 members—to fill the role of Chair and Treasurer

Position Description: The GPT-PAC works to support political candidates who have aims and goals that are consistent with the role of physical therapy in the healthcare community. Members should be able to attend monthly or bi-monthly meetings with the Board of Trustees. Members will be working on creating GPT-PAC goals for the year, strategies to help achieve the goals, ways to communicate updates related to legislative information, participation in Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol, ImPacT, and a possible Fall Event.

Requirements: Individuals that have experience as a clinician and can balance clinic and personal life time are beneficial. Members should have an interest in political affairs.

Committee: Legislative Committee

Current Needs: 3-5 individuals

Position Description: The Legislative Committee responds to legislative concerns that affect the physical therapy profession at the state level. Most of the time commitment is spent during the legislative session (January-April) with committee meetings, meetings with other committee chairs, and potential appearances at the State Capitol. There is planning time prior to the session (Fall and Winter) and members may be called upon to deliver checks or attend fundraisers in their home areas for political figures.

Requirements: Experience in basic legislative matters at the Capitol, including but not limited to: how a bill is passed, conversations with legislators, knowledge of the PTAG legislative agenda. Our lobbying team does a great job of directing and facilitating meetings at the Capitol.

Committee: Payment Policy Committee

Current Needs: 2 member positions

Position Description: The Payment Policy Committee acts as a resource and a liaison between the Government Affairs Specialist and the PTAG membership regarding payment and policy issues. The committee promotes and maintains ongoing communication with and education of third-party payers on physical therapy. They also serve as a liaison between PTAG and the APTA Department of Payment Policy, as well as other Chapters and Sections/Academies. This committee works closely with the Legislative Committee as well in advocating for positive policy change related to reimbursement. Average time commitment is about 1-2 hours per week reading and responding to emails, as well as participating in conference calls as deemed by the Payment Policy Chair.

Requirements: Expertise and experience in payment, reimbursement, and policy recommended. Currently, the committee is also searching for individuals with backgrounds in SNF Long-term Care/Medicare Part A, as well as Inpatient Acute Rehabilitation.

Committee: Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol Committee

Current Needs: 3 members

Position Description: This committee helps to create the Annual Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol experience, which typically happens in the first quarter of the year while the legislature is in session. Members of this committee help with logistics of the event, make decisions on content, and assist on the day of the event as directed by the Executive Office and Legislative Committee. Time commitment is minimal and usually requires 3-4 meetings per year. It is encouraged for committee members to attend Physical Therapy Day at the Capitol.

Requirements: PTAG member in good standing. Can be a PT, PTA, or student. Individuals with an interest in politics or event planning are a bonus.

Committee: Programming Committee

Current Needs: 4 member positions

Position Description: The Programming Committee helps to plan the annual ImPacT conference. Members should expect workload of 2-3 hours per week during the Fall and 5 hours per week during the spring in preparation for the annual conference. Work consists of choosing location, working with program chair to finalize details related to location, and contact and organize speakers and schedule.

Requirements: No formal qualifications necessary; however, someone who communicates well, is aware of current trends in physical therapy, strong organization skills, and has connections with individual within the organization and other healthcare entities is preferred. This individual may be able to identify potential speakers and would benefit conference programming.

Committee: Research Workgroup Chair and Workgroup Members

Current Needs: 1 position for Chair; 3+ positions for Workgroup

Position Description: Research Workgroup Chair: The Research Workgroup Chair communicates between the BOD and the workgroup and between the workgroup and applicants for imPacT Poster Presentations, PTAG Grants, and the Student Research Award.  The Chair is a year round position and attendance is requested at some BOD meetings. During application cycles (Oct – Dec), the chair should expect to spend an average of 30 minutes per day performing the role of chair. 

Research Workgroup Member: During the application period, the workgroup members will be expected to evaluate applications and determine award amounts for Poster Presentations, PTAG Grants, and the Student Research Award.  Workgroup members should expect to spend an average of 15 minutes per day performing their duties. 

Requirements: Strong communication skills and basic understanding or willingness to learn about current research for both the Chair and committee member positions.

Committee: RM Barney Poole Leadership Academy

Current Needs: 1-2 individuals

Position Description: This committee plans the annual RM Barney Poole Leadership Academy for PTAG, and also coordinates leadership events and webinars throughout the year. Committee members are expected to respond to emails on a monthly basis and participate in webinars and discussions on a quarterly basis.

Requirements: PTs, PTAs, or students that are members in good standing and that have an interest in leadership.