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Student Elections - Candidates
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There is a run-off for the position of Secretary.   Voting will open on March 24th at 9 am and end at midnight March 25th.




2020 Student Elections


PTAG is pleased to announce the following Student members as candidates for the 2020 Student Elections.  All candidate responses are to the question "Discuss your goals for the Student Network in the upcoming year and your plans for implementation".

Voting begin March 6, 2020.  Voting will close on March 20th. Only Student PTAG members will be eligible to vote and Students MUST sign in with their APTA number in order to vote.  If you have not signed in before, please use the password of Password1 (it is case sensitive).

President Candidate

Caroline (Carly) Esposito   
Mercer University     

One of my goals for the Student Network in the upcoming year is to connect the students from different schools to each other more by increasing the opportunity for student interaction. I have come up with multiple student events that I believe could be arranged, proving these opportunities to students. Some examples include intramural sports between the physical therapy schools, trivia nights, a book club, and comedy nights (named "humor us" nights). These would be ways for students to connect with people who have similar interests as them outside of just physical therapy. I would also like to connect students to the physical therapists in their areas, and a way to do this while also working to mitigate student expenses would be a book sale. The idea I have with this in mind is to have physical therapists from around Georgia bring books that they no longer use to local collection spots, such as the schools themselves, and students in the area would have access to them for a lower cost. Not only would this offer a point of communication between the therapists and the students, but it could also serve as a fundraising opportunity for student FIN while lowering book costs for students. Another opportunity for student and therapist interaction could be volunteering network events. "Building connections" is the name I came up with for a volunteer event with Habitat for Humanity. This would give students and therapists in the area the opportunity to act on the core value of social responsibility, while also incorporating collaboration. Finally, related to student conclave, I would like to consider the use of buses to bring students to the event. This may take a little extra work, but we could work to raise the funds and follow the steps for a safe execution to encourage the participation of students in the student conclave who might otherwise not attend because of drive distance.

Vice President Candidates

Mason Dwinnell Mercer University    

The main goal that I have for the Student Network is to engage more with schools across the state. The SFIN should consider having more frequent socials or fundraisers across the state that could get people involved from diverse geographical areas. I think it would be great to have the SFIN Board be more accessible to students, possibly via social media and at events the Board organizes. I would also like to see a mentorship program between physical therapists and student physical therapists, to promote the profession and to build quality future PTs.

Rachana Patel

 Emory University 

My goal for the Student Network is to create a more inclusive environment which involves all of the Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistant programs in Georgia. Currently, the Student Network is putting its best efforts towards bringing the various programs together. I hope to continue in these efforts and increase them to allow for more communication between programs. For example, we have many programs within the greater Atlanta area, and I hope to plan open events (social, professional and/or community service) that would allow students to meet fellow colleagues from other schools. My other goal is to further increase the success of the Student Conclave. It is an important event where students get to learn how to be leaders in our profession. I hope to make this event better than ever by stressing the importance of attending, and by taking the criticism from the previous year and making changes. I also hope to have a larger emphasis on philanthropy. This can be possible by having a single organization that all the programs within the state agree to support. It would also be an opportunity to network with programs by doing community service together, and raising money together. Lastly, I hope that by having a board-member at Emory University, I will be able to have a louder voice to stress the importance of our professional organizations to fellow students.

Jana Gabrielli Burchette


My goal is to increase the number of the student attendees at the Student Conclave, PT Day of Service and PT Day at the Capitol. I plan to spread the word of these events through social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) and emails. My idea is to create testimonial videos (1 minute or less) from former students expressing what they learned from these events, why other students should participate and its impact on the profession.

Treasurer Candidate


Matthew Tucker Coppage

 Mercer University  

I have thoughts on fund raising and allocation of funds for Student FIN that will assist in the outreach to both current and perspective students of physical therapy. I hope to be involved with the fundraising necessary for many outreach opportunities such as a PTAG sponsored Student 5K/10K race. I would also assist with outreach directed toward students for increased involvement in professional associations of Physical Therapy and the membership benefits that accompany these organizations. Not only would I assist with fundraising and allocation of funds for events, I would seek to be involved in the planning and execution. With effective communication between the other members as well as dedication to the position, I would actively assist with any needs or requirements for events that will be put on or sponsored by Student FIN.

Secretary Candidates

Leah Diebboll  

Brenau University


My goal for the Student Network is to engage my peers in the intersection of community engagement and physical therapy. I am passionate about service and the effect is has on physical and mental well being. Therefore, I would like to make PT Day of Service mandatory for students on the designated day or sometime during the month of October. I would plan to discuss with our professors at Brenau and others in the state to ensure that students are encouraged to give back to the communities that we learn in. I am also passionate about advocacy and feel students can do more if they are educated on the Take Action page of the APTA website. I would be more than happy to reach out to interested students and show them how easy it is to engage in these policies. Legislation is often pushed around Capitol Day however these bills are accessible months in advance so it is best to be educated for when Capitol Day comes around.

Alexandra Davis  

Mercer University

 In the upcoming year I would like to play an active role in the continued growth of the PTAG Student Conclave and other endeavors to create a more personal network of students throughout the state. After a successful inaugural event, I believe that there are endless opportunities to expand the reach of the conclave. As secretary, my goal would be to collaborate with the social chair to distribute early and engaging communication regarding both Student Conclave and other important events that may benefit students. As a student, it is easy for communication that seems administrational to become lost among a sea of emails and notifications. By employing engaging communication strategies such as infographics and the use of multiple media platforms, I believe that there is increasing potential to engage with students throughout the state to encourage involvement in both events and efforts of the Student FIN.

Social and Fundraising Candidates

Kristina Poole  

Brenau University

 My goal for the student network is to get greater involvement. In Georgia, we have so much potential since there are plenty of PT schools and students. Through social media, I would strategically post content that would expand our followers and involvement from other schools. I also would like to plan a social event. Since there are also barriers to an event, I would like to find other ways to unite the student physical therapists in Georgia. One idea I’ve had in mind is a mentorship program. I would bring passion and ideas to the team.
Kelsey E Campbell  Mercer University  As Social and Fundraising Chair, I hope to play an active role in connecting the Student Physical Therapists of Georgia with one another. I believe that having a community wherein one may find support, resources, and friendship is vital for success in any field, and this one is no exception. I plan to implement this by creating an active, approachable presence on social media for the PTAG Student FIN and utilizing this platform for myself and others to connect personally with students in other PT programs.